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The Southwest Florida Early Steps program serves infants and toddlers in Collier, Glades, Hendry, and Lee Counties and is part of the Florida Early Intervention Program. Florida's Early Intervention Program is improving its service delivery system to better support infants and toddlers and their families - in places where they live, learn and play. An enhanced family-focused early intervention system called Early Steps has replaced the former Infants & Toddlers Early Intervention Program with a new Mission, Vision and Values.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Family Cafe shares great information about free program from NCPAD

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Dear Friend,
The Family Cafe would like to share information about a great, free program from The National Center on Physical Activity and Disability (NCPAD).
They are currently offering a free, web-based physical activity and nutrition program for people with chronic health conditions, mobility impairments, and physical disabilities. By registering, you will gain exclusive access to exercise and nutrition experts who can provide you with personalized guidance along the way. To sign up anytime for NCPAD's 14-Week Program or for more information please visit http://www.ncpad.org/14weeks/?f=FL and click “join” in the upper right hand corner of the screen.
To watch an advertisement about the 14-week program please visit http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tf8bVWSDo4U

If you have questions, contact a NCPAD 14-Week coach at 1-800-900-8086  , ncpad@uic.edu, or via live chat.

Thanks very much,
The Family Cafe

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Monday, September 12, 2011

SKILLS LIVE IS NOW LIFE Card has officially launched the first of its kind

Skills Live™ is now LIVE!
CARD has officially launched the first of its kind, live web show giving ANYONE… ANYWHERE …100% access to up-to-the minute autism resources and training. Skills Live airs each weekday from 9 am to 1 pm (Pacific Standard Time) on the Internet at
skillsforautism.com/skills-live.htmland clicking “WATCH NOW”.
This show goes beyond a basic webcast by enabling members to submit questions to autism experts and a CARD-trained moderator on a daily basis. Skills Live is part of the Skills® web-based, autism recovery program, released earlier this year.

WATCH the first show this MONDAY, September 12th! Skills Live will broadcast LIVE at ACT Today’s 5th Annual Charity Golf Classic at the North Ranch Country Club in Westlake Village, California. The event is hosted by actor Joe Mantegna (“Criminal Minds"). Enjoy!
All the best,

Daphne Plump
Public Relations & Events Manager

Center for Autism & Related Disorders, Inc. / Skills
19019 Ventura Blvd., Ste. 300 | Tarzana, California 91356
Telephone: (818) 345-2345 ext. 270 | Mobile: (661) 478-6512

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Opportunity: Your Ideas for Topics from Disability.gov‏

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Each month, White House staff who work on disability-related policies host a public, live-captioned conference call to keep the public better informed about important developments on many different disability issues. These calls also connect you to leaders in the federal government who work on these issues. Over the past several months, monthly conference calls have featured discussions on accessibility, employment, education, technology, emergency preparedness, transportation, healthcare and the federal budget.
The White House is now offering the opportunity for you to suggest topics you'd like discussed during these calls. Send in your ideas about subjects for discussion, as well as the federal officials you'd like to hear from on these subjects, by visiting https://www.disability.gov/WHQuestion.
Visit Disability.gov for information about these and many other subjects:
. Finding employment
. Help finding and paying for housing
. Laws that protect your rights as a person with a disability
. Disability benefits
. Scholarships and other financial aid
. Federal government grants
Looking for organizations, programs or services near you? Visit Disability.gov's Information by State section.
Visit Disability.Blog to read and comment on a wide variety of subjects of interest to the disability community,

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The 2011 Toys "R" us Toy guide for children with different abilites

Copies of the Guide are available at all Toys"R"Us® and Babies"R"Us® locations nationwide. If you represent a special needs organization or are a special needs educator or therapist, you may e-mail DifferentlyAbled@toysrus.com to receive copies in bulk free of charge for redistribution. A "flippable" digital version, as well as a downloadable version in both English and Spanish, can be found by clicking here.
How can I get on the mailing list to receive the Guide next year?
The latest version of the Guide is available every September. You can e-mail DifferentlyAbled@toysrus.com to be added to next year's mailing list. If you are already on our mailing list, you will automatically receive a copy of the latest edition upon release. For a more environmentally friendly option, click here to receive an e-mail alert when the latest digital Guide becomes available online.

Data Resource Center for Child and Adolescent Health (DRC)

The Data Resource Center for Child and Adolescent Health (DRC) has a redesigned website! The same point-and-click access to data findings from the National Survey of Children's Health and the National Survey of Children with Special Health Care Needs can now be found in one integrated browsing and search tool.

How You Can Use the DRC Website:

  1. Learn about the National Survey of Children's Health and the National Survey of Children with Special Health Care Needs
  2. Browse national and state findings on over 200 child health indicators
  3. Download and print snapshot profiles on key topical areas for your state
  4. Request a dataset and conduct in-depth data analyses on your own
  5. Learn to use data more effectively
  6. Discover how other state and family leaders use these findings
  7. Get expert help by e-mailing us your questions - plus get links to other data sets and resources for improving children's health and healthcare

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