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The Southwest Florida Early Steps program serves infants and toddlers in Collier, Glades, Hendry, and Lee Counties and is part of the Florida Early Intervention Program. Florida's Early Intervention Program is improving its service delivery system to better support infants and toddlers and their families - in places where they live, learn and play. An enhanced family-focused early intervention system called Early Steps has replaced the former Infants & Toddlers Early Intervention Program with a new Mission, Vision and Values.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Opportunity: Your Ideas for Topics from Disability.gov‏

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Each month, White House staff who work on disability-related policies host a public, live-captioned conference call to keep the public better informed about important developments on many different disability issues. These calls also connect you to leaders in the federal government who work on these issues. Over the past several months, monthly conference calls have featured discussions on accessibility, employment, education, technology, emergency preparedness, transportation, healthcare and the federal budget.
The White House is now offering the opportunity for you to suggest topics you'd like discussed during these calls. Send in your ideas about subjects for discussion, as well as the federal officials you'd like to hear from on these subjects, by visiting https://www.disability.gov/WHQuestion.
Visit Disability.gov for information about these and many other subjects:
. Finding employment
. Help finding and paying for housing
. Laws that protect your rights as a person with a disability
. Disability benefits
. Scholarships and other financial aid
. Federal government grants
Looking for organizations, programs or services near you? Visit Disability.gov's Information by State section.
Visit Disability.Blog to read and comment on a wide variety of subjects of interest to the disability community,

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